Communicating health care and other benefits to employees is no simple task, but it is increasingly vital for companies to do it and to do it well. According to a survey conducted by MetLife, most employees are willing to pay more in order to have a choice of employer benefits that meet their needs. However, more choice means more information on a wider range of benefits – which means employers need to provide more help to navigate unfamiliar options. 

Studies show that when a company invests time and resources to improve benefits communications, it can drive greater participation rates for programs and also boost job satisfaction and employee loyalty. Good communication clearly matters, but good does not mean a lot of bells and whistles.  There are five key tips for employers to consider when communicating their company’s benefits and this year’s open enrollment process to employees.   

TIP #1: 

Stay on-message: Communicate early and often. The most important messages should be reinforced multiple times through a series of clear communications to employees. Make sure the messages are targeted and communicated early. Key messages may include plan changes, new choices, key dates/deadlines, employer and employee costs, eligibility and resources for employees. Also, keep in mind that employees welcome communications about benefits throughout the year, so consider keeping the lines of communication open after open enrollment is over.

TIP #2: 

Explain value of benefits and services: Inform plan participants about the value of the benefits and services being provided to them. Focus on how the benefits can improve their quality of life and improve their work-life balance. Keep the communication focus narrow and simple to ensure a high-level of understanding.

More tips to come!!

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