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Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness

The National Small Business Association (NSBA), America’s longest-running small business advocacy organization, operating on a staunchly nonpartisan basis, has been a leader in health care policy for more than a decade. A key component of our health care platform has always been the role workplace wellness programs can play in keeping health care accessible and affordable for small-business owners and their employees.

NSBA partnered with Humana to develop a groundbreaking survey conducted by third-party research firm, Edelman Berland, on workplace wellness in America’s small businesses. What we found is eye-opening.

For the last 50 years, five behavioral issues have consumed an estimated 80 percent of the nation’s health care budget – poor diet, stress coupled with inactivity, smoking and drinking. NSBA and Humana understand small businesses’ role in supporting the U.S. economy and is committed to helping these employers and their employees combat such issues and achieve lifelong well-being. Humana in collaboration with NSBA will be working to provide information that small businesses can use to help address barriers to wellness.

Among the health and wellness issues facing employees, the top concern among small-business owners was high stress levels, followed by psychological well-being, weight management and alcohol or other drug habits.

Why did the NSBA and Humana Inc. decide to do this study?

Both Humana and NSBA have been long-time proponents of the benefits of wellness programs for all businesses. Specifically, we saw a need for better information on how wellness programs can impact small business. There was virtually no concrete data outlining how wellness programs help small business.   Open report