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Benefits of Healthy Employees

Enhance your Company Image

It’s also important to consider the effect of healthy employees on your company’s image and influence in the community.

By supporting the wellness of your employees, your organization is demonstrating a certain degree of social responsibility. They’re building their reputation as an organization that supports their workforce, and therefore will likely be seen as a welcome “neighbor” in the community.

Improve Productivity

Organizations that value and promote a healthy lifestyle may have an edge when it comes to attracting and retaining key people. In addition, their employees may be more alert and more productive.

Productivity also relates to an employees ability to work for longer periods of time and effectively concentrate on their work. Partnership for a Healthy Workforce (PHW) reports that a healthy workforce will lead to reduced absenteeism and lost time, and can also positively effect employee turnover.

Lower Healthcare Costs

This is an obvious benefit of having healthy employees, but sometimes can be a hard argument to make because of the potential for a large investment in your employees. Time and time again, studies have proven that having healthy employees can dramatically decrease healthcare costs – some examples from PHW:

Smokers generated 31% higher claim costs than non-smokers

Workers with unhealthy weights had 143% higher hospital inpatient utilization than those with healthy weights

Employees with just a few risk factors cost much less than employees with numerous risk factors

According to the Wall Street Journal Health Blog, “Some companies are giving additional incentives to workers who follow through and actually try to lower their risk factors.”  What employee wouldn’t benefit from saving some money and improving their health?

Savings can be realized through any scale of program – from comprehensive company-wide wellness programs to single activities to promote healthy lifestyles. And the savings are real: a Dallas-based company of 6,500 employees instituted a wellness program, and in just one year with half of its employees participating, they saved $500,000 in health care costs, according to the News Press.

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