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Great tool to help you with your healthy living goals – get a plan tailored for you.
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My25 supports are a wellness enhancement tool, providing the industry’s most robust, affordable, nutrition-centered content and resources. My25 solely focus on eating better for four reasons:

  1. Eating better is the key driver behind preventive health for most anyone, at any age.
  2. Most employers admit that despite well-intentioned efforts, they typically manage nutrition support in a piecemeal, ineffective fashion.
  3. All of today’s free resources aren’t doing an effective job of creating focus and strategic support when it comes to nutrition.
  4. We’re inordinately successful at partnering with motivated organizations to produce eat-better habit change; our outcomes are impressive.

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My25 is the only solution accomplishing sustainable health gains and eat-better habit change for individuals with I/DD served by leading human services organizations. Our robust programs afford-ably address every mealtime & nutrition need within residential settings. Because of our successes and what we learned along the way, we broadened our supports to substantially impact multiple departments and all employees of the organization. Read more (provided by my25.com)


My25 programs—considered the “go-to” resource for anything health & food/nutrition related for people with I/DD—are utilized by the nation’s four largest human services organizations and leading, regional providers throughout the U.S.  We employ a holistic approach, delivering resources beneficial to numerous programmatic and functional departments.  Now, all stakeholders have access, a vested interest, and can participate in improved health and quality of life for people with I/DD.  Read more  ([provided by my25.com)