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At Reliant Edge Solutions we recognize the value of our client’s business goals and their need for a quality of life and piece of mind to ensure their financial future and fiscal responsibilities. We welcome your questions ...

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Reliant Edge Solutions represents the industry's preferred carriers


At Reliant Edge Solutions we offer a portfolio of insurance carriers to meet the needs of our clients

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Aetna / Blue Cross /Blue Shield / Cigna / Humana Insurance


“We help people achieve health and financial security by providing easy access to cost-effective, high-quality health care. And we continue to be a leader in building a stronger, more effective health care system by working with doctors, hospitals, employers, patients, public officials and others”.



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“Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) is the largest and most experienced health insurance company in Illinois, providing more than 7 million members with comprehensive and affordable health plans. As a division of Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois provides its members with a high level of confidence and security”.



CIGNA insurance logo





“Cigna’s mission is to help the people we serve improve their health, well-being and sense of security. We see our corporate responsibility program as an important opportunity to connect that mission to people and communities everywhere. We’ve identified four health issues where we can apply our resources and expertise to create positive change”.



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“Humana’s diverse lines of business work to serve all types of consumers. From families to seniors to military members to self-employed individuals, there is a plan to meet many unique needs. Find out how Humana’s associates and corporate leaders are committed to customer service. Our team uses innovation to deliver results to our consumers”.









Principal Financial Group / Land of Lincoln Health / United Health Care

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“A little planning can help you take action and turn your financial dreams into realities. And at the Principal Financial Group®, we’ll give you an edge when it comes to accomplishing your financial goals”.


land of lincoln health logo



One of the ways Land of Lincoln Health expands your health insurance benefits is by offering a wide range of choices for you to select the network of health care providers (like doctors and hospitals) that fit your needs best. And you can rest assured knowing that Land of Lincoln Health gives you access to the very best doctors and hospitals in your community.




“At UnitedHealth Group, innovation is deeply embedded in our DNA; it’s both discipline and vision, helping us to unlock the future of health care and inspiring us to serve our customers in exceptional ways.

We are committed to transforming health care and are continuously exploring and testing new ideas, and collaborating with diverse partners to develop a simpler, more intelligent and cost-effective health care system for everyone.”


Averill Anderson / BAS / Rogers Benefits Group

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“Offering over 50 years of experience in working with employers in the management of their resources, the professionals at Averill Anderson, LLC have developed benefit plans and implemented health programs for employers of all sizes and in all field









“BAS was founded in 1983 as a Third Party Administrator. From day one, BAS has had a strong focus on the client, providing individual contacts for each employer group. That principle continues today. Today, BAS has 170 employees located in Chicago, St. Louis, and Nashville. We partner with over 300 employer groups. These employer groups are generally middle market companies that have employee populations of all sizes. The employer groups include public/private owned businesses, non-profit, and government agencies.”



rogers benefit group





“Rogers Benefit Group is made up of over 350 dedicated and knowledgeable people: men and women specializing in selling, servicing, and marketing a wide range of high-quality insurance plans”.







Mutual of Omaha Companies

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Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company

Mutual of Omaha is a full-service, multi-line provider of insurance and financial services products
including disability income, long-term care and Medicare supplement insurance.

United of Omaha Life Insurance Company
A Mutual of Omaha company since 1926, United of Omaha Life Insurance Company offers a diversified
portfolio of life insurance, long-term care, fixed annuities and Medicare supplement plans.

Companion Life Insurance Company
Companion Life Insurance Company offers a full line of individual and group life insurance plans and
annuities in New York.

United World Life Insurance Company
A Mutual of Omaha company since 1983, United World Life Insurance Company offers specialty life
insurance and Medicare supplement plans.

Omaha Insurance Company
Omaha Insurance Company offers health and accident coverage through direct marketing, Mutual of
Omaha’s agency sales force and independent agent networks

Delta Dental / VSP Vision Care

Learn more about Delta Dental




“As the first company to specialize in dental benefits, we are passionate about oral health and its importance to future generations. Our core purpose is the advancement of oral health care to our customers, partners and consumers through the dental benefits programs and philanthropic efforts of our 39 independent member companies”.




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With an affordable plan from VSP®, you’ll get

✓ Quality, comprehensive eye exam with $15 copay
✓ Basic lenses fully covered with $25 copay
✓ 20% off additional lens options
✓ $150 allowance toward a wide selection of frames
✓ Or use your allowance toward contact lenses
✓ Contact lens fitting and evaluation fully covered with no copay
✓ Specialty services to treat eye conditions like pink eye and diabetic retinopathy

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